Research and Instruction in STEM Education


An Inside Look at STEM at UNCG!

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are all around us in our communities and schools. University researchers and other STEM professionals are working hard to employ new and exciting programs, as well as striving to strengthen the students’ relationship with these educational environments. Sit back, relax, take a look, and listen and learn about a few of UNCG's esteemed faculty and students who are engaged in STEM research and instruction!

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Research and Instruction in STEM Education at UNCG

The RISE Network is a coalition of educators and researchers involved in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education. The network provides access to STEM funding and research opportunities, promotes working partnerships, offers a monthly lunch series, and sponsors special events such as workshops and guest speakers. Network members include UNCG faculty and researchers, community educators, and grant specialists.

The impetus for the network came from a national push to improve STEM education as well as the work of UNCG's Math-Science Recruitment and Retention Task Force. The task force identified a need at UNCG for better coordination between math and science educators and researchers and increased confidence levels in teaching critical thinking skills and higher levels of math and science. To address these issues and strengthen UNCG's position in STEM education, the RISE Network was created in 2010.


The resource section is intended to help faculty develop grant proposals and provide easy access to a number of helpful documents and article.

RISE Members

The goal of the RISE Network is to enhance and expand the already strong partnership between researchers and science, mathematics and technology educators in the community and at UNCG. This will be accomplished by developing a network of interested partners to better coordinate STEM education and research across campus. This network will enhance UNCG's ability to broaden access to STEM fields.