Research and Instruction in STEM Education

Our Mission

The goal of the RISE Network is to enhance and expand the already strong partnership between research educators and science, mathematics, and technology educators in the community and at UNCG. This will be accomplished by developing a network of interested partners to better coordinate STEM education and research across campus. This network will enhance UNCG’s ability to broaden access to STEM fields by:

Creating a more coordinated web of opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to engage in inquiry-based STEM experiences

Supporting curriculum development through revising STEM courses in order to offer an inquiry-based collaborative method of instruction designed to foster skills in critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and communication, with the goal of promoting the STEM literacy of our graduates

Enhancing the extent to which UNCG supports high-quality STEM education in pre-K–12 classrooms by designing research-based projects that generate and disseminate knowledge about STEM content and pedagogy and are responsive to student, teacher, and district needs

Facilitating collaboration between local community and business leaders and UNCG concerning scientific literacy skills, skills needed for the next generation of the (local) workforce, and instructional policies and programs to meet these needs

Providing support for faculty and staff who seek external funding to support the above efforts