Research and Instruction in STEM Education

RISE Members

Advisory Board

Malcolm Schug, Faculty Facilitator for the RISE Network and Associate Professor and Associate Head of the Biology Department

Lynn Sametz, Facilitator of the RISE Network and Project Director for STAMPS

Stanley Faeth, Professor of Biology and Associate Dean of Research, College of Arts and Sciences

Matina Kalcounis-Ruppell, Professor of Biology and Head of the Deptartment

Stephen Tate, Professor of Computer Science and Head of the Department.

Jerry Walsh, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Associate Head of the Department

Carol Seaman, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Jeffrey Patton, Professor of Geography

Kim Hewitt, Associate Dean in the School of Education and Assistant Professor Department of Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations

Daniel Herr, Professor of Nanoscience and Department Chair

Ang Chen, Professor, Department of Kinesiology

Promod Pratap, Associate Professor of Physics

Vicki Jacobs, Yopp Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Education

Heidi Carlone, Professor, Teacher Education and Higher Education

Robert Anemone,  Professor of Anthropology and Head of Department

Esther Leerkes, Professor of Human Development and Family Studies and Associate Dean for Research, The School of Health and Human Sciences